Welcome to the 2019 CHN Family Expo!

There  is so much in store for the weekend. Check back frequently for any  changes to the schedule. There is also a whiteboard near  Registration to help keep everyone up-to-date on any changes to the  schedule.
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Zoe Banks

Zoe is a homeschool mom to 7 lovely children, and femal entrepreneur. She coaches a select few families each year, all of whom have gone one to enjoy a highly successful homeschool journey. Zoe’s primary focus has always been the love of learning. She believes every child is born with a natural curiosity that drives their hunger to learn. Sometimes, for various reasons or causes, children vier from this natural path. Zoe’s speciality is helping families get back on track so learning is a joy, and pursued their entire lifetime. Additionally, Zoe is passionate about equipping students to know how to think for themselves, ask questions, seek, pursue and discover their own answers.