Welcome to the 2019 CHN Family Expo!

There  is so much in store for the weekend. Check back frequently for any  changes to the schedule. There is also a whiteboard near  Registration to help keep everyone up-to-date on any changes to the  schedule.
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Mandi Frost

Academic Life Coach for Teens and Young Adults
Clovis, CA
Mandi grew up on a farm in South Africa where she later met her husband. They moved to Zimbabwe to go farming and home schooled their 3 boys. During this time, Mandi completed a remedial teacher training certification for special needs (dyslexia, ADHD, ADD) and helped other children in the community with learning challenges. Mandi believes that children learn best through real life experiences as they delight in their learning and explore their interests. Their family moved to the United States in 2013 due to political problems in Zimbabwe. After home schooling for 15 years, Mandi has successfully launched her boys (18, 20, 22 yrs) and two of her sons have their own online businesses. Mandi continues to serve home school families and as a certified academic life coach and IMAGE coach, she offers life coaching to teens and young adults. She also teaches study skill workshops, offers career exploration and discover your “why” coaching services. Coaching is about self-discovery and improving self-awareness which affects all areas of life including relationships and family connections. Coaching uses a set of tools to help teens and young adults identify possibilities, pursue purpose, navigate through setbacks and design action steps to follow through to get to where they want to go. "I love helping teens and young adults find out what they are passionate about and how they can take action to live a life that is purposeful.”