Welcome to the 2019 CHN Family Expo!

There  is so much in store for the weekend. Check back frequently for any  changes to the schedule. There is also a whiteboard near  Registration to help keep everyone up-to-date on any changes to the  schedule.
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Jess Arce

Director, Homeschool Coach & Tutor
Tustin, CA
Jess Arce started her tutoring business, Lexia Learners and coaching business, Homeschooling with Coach Jess because she learned the hard way how to homeschool her Dyslexic children and wants to make the journey just a little bit easier for other families with children who learn differently. Jess said, "We didn't realize my husband and I were Dyslexic until we had children...I am the mom of four kids: they are currently 18 to 26 years old, so not so young anymore. And three of the four learn differently. My oldest is the only one without Learning Differences, however he is on the spectrum. My second oldest, has profound Dyslexia and it took me years to discover what it was. She also has Dysphoria and ADHD. My third child, has Dyspraxia, profound Dysgraphia, and deals with anxiety and depression. And my youngest won the lottery with profound Sensory Processing Disorder, severe Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, vision processing delay, auditory processing delay and is on the spectrum."