Welcome to the 2019 CHN Family Expo!

There  is so much in store for the weekend. Check back frequently for any  changes to the schedule. There is also a whiteboard near  Registration to help keep everyone up-to-date on any changes to the  schedule.
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Greg Baran

Teaching Writing to Homeschoolers
Greg Baran, M.A. English Composition, has taught college and secondary English studies for ten years. Hundreds of students and teachers have learned to write and teach writing effectively through his book, The Baran Method: Writing for Success.  Greg brings his knowledge and passion for the subject to every class, lecture, and speaking engagement. His goal is to positively empower every writer by taking the mystery out of writing. As he frequently says, “Everyone has something valuable to share—we just need to learn how to share it clearly.”
He lives in Southern California with his wonderful wife and amazing four-year old son. Weekends they can be found hiking in the Southern California mountains and deserts. His book, helpful materials, and contact information are located at his website, Teachingwritingtohomeschoolers.com.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, May 4

10:30am PDT