Welcome to the 2019 CHN Family Expo!

There  is so much in store for the weekend. Check back frequently for any  changes to the schedule. There is also a whiteboard near  Registration to help keep everyone up-to-date on any changes to the  schedule.
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Sharon Anderson

Homeschooling TnT
2017 CHN Family Expo - Teen Room Coordinator
Mission Viejo, CA - Orange County
Sharon Anderson is a homeschool mother with 3 daughters. She has been homeschooling them since 2003 using an eclectic blend of methods and resources and currently leans heavily towards unschooling. At this time, Sharon moderates the Homeschooling TnT Facebook and Yahoo Groups, running field trips, events & dances for Southern California teens & tweens. In her past professional career, Sharon worked as a self-taught Cinematic Animator for video game companies like Blizzard and Interplay. She has also been a Girl Scout Leader, a Contracts Administrator, an Executive Secretary, a waitress and the drive-thru attendant at a fast food restaurant. Would you like fries with that?